Getting Started

Start your API journey with following easy steps:

  1. Browse

    View all 1LINK APIs to find one that meets your requirements.

    Explore our APIs

  2. Register

    Before you can use an API you have to undergo a self- registration process. When you register, you are assigned a Client ID and a Client Secret. These credentials will allow you to access the sandbox environment for the open APIs so you can start working on your first project.

    Please save your Client Secret for future references as it will be issued once during the Registration process.

    Create an Account

  3. Create

    Once you are a registered user, you will be allowed to access the sandbox environment where you can experiment with sample codes and APIs. This portal will also provide product documentation and specifications against each published API, so you can use these documentations to better learn and test the API.

  4. Certification

    1LINK will help you develop your projects and get them ready for certification. Once the project is ready, you need to request access to the 1LINK certification environment and certification slot (For details, visit Support page). Once access is granted, your profile will be enabled on the certification catalogue, authorizing you to use the 1LINK certification environment to perform certification.