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1IBFT Insta (1.0.0)(7 APIs included)

This is a variant of 1IBFT with attributes like convenience, speed and accuracy and to further enhance 1LINK IBFT portfolio, 1IBFT Insta offers convenience to member banks, its customers and works without involvement of SAF to transfer funds on real time basis. This transaction will provide instant funds credit confirmation and a reliable 1LINK channel for electronic funds transfer. 1IBFT Insta provides instant decisioning without recourse.


1ID (1.0.0)(5 APIs included)

1LINK - 1ID is a bio-metric enabled cash withdrawal scheme that can bring in the unbanked masses to the fold of documented economy. As 1ID eliminates the need of card at ATMs, it enables cash withdrawal via Mobile wallet and Domestic Remittance apart from the standard practice of cash withdrawal against the Bank account.


OTP Based Debit (1.0.0)(7 APIs included)

The OTP Based Debit service is a payment method that is designed to run on banking networks. It allows customers to pay for transactions by debiting directly from their bank account, as opposed to processing through a card brand or scheme.

This service is being introduced by 1LINK as a standalone transaction set for its Members and Affiliates where customers can link their bank accounts to a payment acquiring channel, and subsequently make payments using their bank accounts through a direct debit.

The account verification and the payment debit are made secure using an OTP mechanism, which is sent to customer for authorization of each transaction request by the Issuer.