1PAY is a step ahead in payment methods where payee/receiver selects a unique 1PAY-ID of his/her choice for payments method and has no need to remember his/her account number/IBAN. The option to self-select alpha or numeric or alphanumeric 1PAY-ID on a predefined format is convenient for payees/receivers to remember and share with payers/senders.

Members will now offer 1LINK 1PAY as an extension of funds transfers to their payees/receivers requesting them to set-up their 1PAY identifier (alias) which allows them a choice to create a single alias based on one of the below:

• Nick name • Mobile number • CNIC • Anything else that payees/receivers set.

Further, the same 1PAY identifier (alias) may be used at multiple Members (first come first serve basis) by the same payee/receiver to manage their financial transactions in a coordinated and efficient manner.

Payers/senders will only enter the payees/receivers 1PAY identifier (alias) and the query will be routed to 1LINK Directory service for translation to account details.



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Default Plan

100 calls per hour


Default Plan

  • Alias REST 1.0.0
  • Alias SOAP 1.0.0